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Our british cats cattery stay in Yaroslavl, Russia

Owner of cattery - Korableva Olga

Tel. +7-906-527-21-09

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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We have available British kittens

DoB: 09.12.2020

Sir:  Zedas Kates Akis*LT

Dame: Allure’s Thais Athens

There are 5 British kittens

DoB: 15.11.2020

Sir:  Zedas Kates Akis*LT

Dame: Wivienn Woitti

There are 4 British kittens

DoB: 04.11.2020

Sir:  Zedas Kates Akis*LT

Dame: Maya Dandy Club*RU

There are 4 British kittens

How to buy British kittens

Kittens are going into a new house at the age not earlier than 3 months, vaccinated and socially acceptable – accustomed to independent food, litter box and scratching post.

All kittens are sold with documents and Contract that defines the rights and obligations of the Breeder and the Buyer.

The Deposit for a kitten is entered in the amount of from 30 to 50% of the cost of a kitten. In case of refusal of a kitten from the Buyer the amount of the Deposit is not refundable and kitten up for sale.

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FIFe registration

Our cattery is registered in the international felinological organization FIFe, all kittens have a pedigree of this system.

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Titled British cats

Our cattery regularly takes part in cat shows, our British cats have high titles that confirm the high quality of our cattery's cats.

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All conditions for kittens

Our British kittens grow and develop with us and are surrounded by special care and love. They are fully adapted for living together with people and are pleasant companions.

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